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      Dear friends,

      As a reminder, VALDIG general assembly meeting will take place on Friday June 23, between 12.30 and 14.00, in the Schubert 4 room (located on level 1).
      Please see here the agenda:

      Welcome and introduction (PE Rautou)
      Steering committee composition and ERN representation (V Hernandez-Gea)
      Finances (PE Rautou)
      VALDIG website (PE Rautou)
      VALDIG-ERN activities (A Plessier); Castor database (L Elkrief)
      VALDIG publications: new publications and reminder on publication rules (PE Rautou)
      Updates about ongoing/planned studies (V Hernandez-Gea)
      VALDIG educational activities (on behalf of F Nery)
      VALDIG social network activities (A Shukla)
      VALDIG meetings (Paris, L Elkrief; Padova, M Senzolo)
      COST action proposal (PE Rautou)
      Closing remarks (Virginia Hernandez-Gea)

      Looking forward to seing you there
      Best wishes
      Virginia Hernandez-Gea, Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou,Marco Senzolo

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