VALDIG Portal Vein Thrombosis Meeting

Hôtel de Ville de Paris

November 29th and 30th  2022


Organizing committee:

Laure Elkrief, Virginia Hernandez-Gea, Marco Senzolo and Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou

Day 1, November 29th 2022


8h30 – 8h50 Welcome of participants

8h50 – 9h: Opening and introductory words


9h – 12h30 Session 1: Non cirrhotic PVT

9h – 10h30

Causes and underlying mechanisms J Poisson, France
Impact of etiological therapy C Bureau, France
Pathophysiology of portal hypertension in PVT without cirrhosis : similarities and differences with cirrhosis JC Garcia Pagan, Spain

10h30 – 11h Break

11h – 12h30

Noninvasive tests versus liver biopsy? L Elkrief, France
PSVD and PVT: two separate entities? V Paradis, France
Anticoagulation in patients with recent and chronic PVT A Plessier, France

12h30 – 14h Lunch break


14h – 15h30 Session 2: PVT in patients with cirrhosis


Epidemiology and risk factors F Nery, Portugal
Impact treating the cause of cirrhosis M Mandorfer, Austria
Anticoagulation in patients with cirrhosis to prevent and treat PVT and to prevent decompensation A Albillos, Spain
When and how to treat PVT in a patient with simultaneous HCC (excluding PV invasion)? M Senzolo, Italy
Management of PVT before and after liver transplantation

F Durand, France
C Toso, Switzerland

15h30 – 16h Break


16h – 18h Session 3: Specificity of the portal venous system



Specificity of the portal vein wall in cirrhosis (15 min + 15 min discussion) V Hernandez-Gea, Spain
Specificity of the portal blood in cirrhosis (15 min + 15 min discussion) Ton Lisman, The Netherlands
State of the art lecture : Immuno-thrombosis Konstantin Stark, Germany

Day 2, November 30th 2022


8h30 – 10h Session 4: Management of PVT without and with cirrhosis


PVT and cirrhosis: what place for anticoagulation and for interventional radiology?

D Tripathi, UK
Lara Roberts, UK

PVT without cirrhosis: what place for anticoagulation and for interventional radiology?

A de Gottardi, Switzerland 

R Salem, USA

Prevention and management of variceal bleeding in PVT without and with cirrhosis: should that really be the same as in cirrhosis? D Patch, UK

10h – 10h30 Break


10h30 – 12h30 Session 5: Specific issues in PVT without cirrhosis

10h30 – 11h30

Impact on quality of life A Baiges, Spain
Fertility, contraception and pregnancy A Payancé, France
PVT in children: specificities as compared with adults V McLin, Switzerland
Role of patient’s associations in student’s training S Hullin, AMVF, France
Common discussion

11h30 – 12h30

Portal cholangiopathy A Shukla, India
Chronic abdominal pain, chronic enteropathy, mesenteric ischemia and intestinal necrosis A Nuzzo, France
Symptomatic hypersplenism S Sarin, India
Management of PVT in patients with pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis M Primignani, Italy
Common discussion


12h30 – 13h30 Lunch break


13h30 – 18h Session 6: Consensus discussion : endpoints for studies in portal vein thrombosis

Classification of portal vein thrombus extension M Ronot, France
Classification of portal vein thrombosis evolution P Northup, USA

15h30 – 16h Break


Timing of assessment A Berzigotti, Switzerland
Goal of the treatment in patients with portal vein thrombosis S Darwish Murad, the Netherlands

17h30 – 18h Concluding remarks