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The aim of the EASL-VALDIG is to perform large multicentre epidemiological, pathophysiological and particularly interventional studies within the field of interest and to stimulate research for vascular liver disorders.

Vascular liver disorders (VALDI) is a heterogeneous entity of conditions which are not as frequent as other liver disorders (e.g. hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver failure) and therefore need a large network of collaborating centres to be studied in a sufficient sample size. Portal vein thrombosis, Budd-Chiari-syndrome, idiopathic portal hypertension, and further disorders, which are primary initiated in the tributary and hepatic vessels might form part of VALDI.

These disorders may lead to life threatening complications including acute liver failure or complications of portal hypertension. The management of these disorders is not yet standardized. The standardization of the management of VALDI is one aim of this Interest Group.


Rules to be become VALDIG member: 

Applicants should submit:
– A CV highlighting publications, abstracts, projects, and experience on vascular liver disease
– A motivation letter explaining clearly the interest for vascular liver diseases, the experience on that topic (e.g. type of patients seen) as well as the objectives of being VALDIG member for the applicant
– Optional: a reference letter from a VALDIG member

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