Joint Webinar: Liver Transplantation and Vascular Liver Disorders – 3th October 2023

Sep 24, 2023

This joint VALDIGERNEASL Webinar aims to clarify some of the aforementioned points, while gathering a panel of experts in the field and promoting vivid discussion in order to improve care for these rare and somehow difficult-to-treat patients.


Even though vascular liver disorders are rare reported events, liver transplantation may be considered when acute liver failure occurs, as for acute Budd-chiari syndrome, or complications of portal hypertension arise as in the context of porto-sinusoidal vascular liver disorder.
Yet, few data exist considering indications and outcomes of liver transplantation in these and other rare vascular liver disorders.


Liver Transplantation and Vascular Liver Disorders
Chairs: Sarwa Darwish Murad (Rotterdam); Filipe Nery (Porto)
1. Welcome
2. Liver Transplantation and Vascular Liver Disorders
– LT for congenital portosystemic shunts (Barbara Wildhaber, Geneva) 10’
– Assessing the right time for LT in acute BCS and particular surgical challenges
(Paul Thuluvath) 10’
– Indications, timing and outcome for LT in Portosinusoidal Vascular Liver
Disorder (Juan Carlos Garcia-Págan, Barcelona) 10’
– De novo Portosinusoidal Vascular Liver Disorder in the liver allograft (Audrey
Coilly, Villejuif) 10’
3. Discussion and final remarks of the panel (moderated by Sarwa Darwish
Murad and Filipe Nery) / Q and A session (20’)

If you are interessted to attend this Webinar you can register here for the Zoom Meeting: