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Valdig Webmaster

VALDIG General Assembly 2018

Dear VALDIG Members,

Please find below the program of the Valdig General Assembly 2018 in Paris.
The program can be also downloaded here (pdf)

VALDIG General Assembly 2018
Wednesday, 11th of April, 6.00-7.00 PM,
Room 825, second floor, Paris expo Porte de Versailles – Pavillon 7


6.05 Finances and current composition of the steering committee (Andrea De Gottardi)

6.10 Presentation of the ongoing studies/publications (each 3 minutes)
– Abernethy: Fanny Turon
– PNH and Splanchnic Vein Thrombosis: Aurélie Plessier
– INCPH and Pregnancy: Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou
– Fontan Surgery: Luis Téllez/Agustin Albillos
– VALDIG Database: Aurélie Plessier/Andrea De Gottardi

6.30 VALDIG activities (Andrea De Gottardi)
– distribution of relevant recent publications by Akash Shukla
– Porto Liver MEETING by Filipe Nery
– planning of the meeting in Melk, Austria, by Thomas Reiberger

6.45 Proposals for funding and new studies
– Abdominal surgery in patients with porto-sinusoidal disease (Laure Elkrief and P-E Rautou)
– Liver transplantation and IPH (Juan Carlos Garcia Pagan)

6.55 ERN (Juan Carlos Garcia Pagan)

7.00 Final remarks and closing J-C. Garcia-Pagan

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