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      Filipe Nery

      The next 14th June at 17h CEST, an online joint VALDIG-EASL-ERN Webinar will take place.

      It will focus on “Liver and spleen elastography in the diagnosis and management of vascular liver diseases and portal hypertension”.

      The program is the one as follows:

      1. Welcome (5’)

      2. Current use of liver elastography in…
      – The diagnosis of portosinusoidal vascular liver disorder
      Laure Elkrief (10’)
      – Combination with other non-invasive tests to identify patients with clinically significant portal hypertension and esophageal varices
      Annalisa Berzigotti (10’)
      – Fontan associated liver disease
      Luis Tellez (10’)

      3. Current and future indications for the use of spleen stiffness in vascular liver diseases
      Sarwa Darwish Murad (10’)

      4. Discussion and final remarks of the panel/ Q&A session
      Moderated by Pierre Emmanuel-Rautou and Virginia Hernandez-Gea (20’)

      To attend our joint webinar you are asked to register on the webinar’s webpage:

      We hope that this subject is of your interest and that you may already mark it in your agenda.

      See you soon,

      VALDIG’s SC

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