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      Dear Colleagues,
      Chronic abdominal pain in patients with crhonic cavernoma is unusual but a real problem when it a appears. We have seen at least 3 patients with long-term chronic portal vein thrombosis (all of them young) that complain of moderate, some times severe, abdominal pain without specific characteristics (actually one of them incraesing after meals) that allows them to sleep but that worries them a lot and is the major complain. New AngioCT discarding rethrombosis has been done and no changes or fluctuations in liver enzimes is shown. Colangiopathy has been discarded. Eventhough, in 2 of them we have tried (without succes) gabapentine, Urso and in one long-term traetment with octreotide.
      I would like to ask about your experiences on this issue.

      Thanks a lot

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