Natural history of Portosinusoidal Vascular Disease (PSVD) and Liver Transplantation

Sep 8, 2020

Background: Patients with PSVD usually have preserved liver function, however sometimes liver transplantation is required.

Factors predicting the need of OLT and the real applicability in IPH patients are not known.

Post-OLT outcome has never been reported in a large cohort of patients.

Methods: European Retrospective multicentric study

Project recruiting


  • To evaluate in a large international cohort of consecutive patients diagnosed of IPH followed in centers of the VALDIG.
  • Factors predicting the need of OLT and the applicability in real life.
  • ¬†Evaluate the long term outcome of patients with PSVD that had been submitted to LT (survival, recurrence..).

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