Long-term outcome of patients with Budd-Chiari Syndrome

Sep 9, 2020

Background: Budd Chiari Syndrome is a rare vascular liver disease with major deleterious complications if not treated and intervened on time. Current literature recommends stepwise treatment of BCS, based on a progressively escalating invasiveness with a good overall Overt Liver Transplantation free survival.

However currently there are no definite consensus on long-term follow-up studies to aid to protocolize management on the choice of best treatment for each individual and the correct timing on when make the clinical decision of stepping up on the treatment algorithm.

Methods: European Retrospective multicentric study

Project recruiting


  • To assess the long-term outcome of patients with BCS.
  • To evaluate the incidence and predictive factors of interventions in patients with BCS on the long-term outcome.
  • Establish the best treatment for patients with BCS that initially received a TIPS in whom during follow-up an asymptomatic thrombosis/dysfunction of TIPS occurs.

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